Cloudflare protection

Hi Im new to cloudflare and ddos protections.
I currently host a gaming server where they ping ddos the server via ip and port i think.

I bought the cloudflare pro for 20$ a month, change the necessary settings according to their page , about what to do when underattack, from page rules, their firewall, dns , all these has been done yet somehow im still being ddos.

It is because they dont go through cloudflare since they know my ip? so if someone knows your server ip it doesnt matter if its protected by cloudflare?


For starters, is all of that HTTP based? If it uses any other protocol Cloudflare wont work in the first place.

Precisely. You will need to change your IP address in this case. What you can attempt (and should be done anyhow) is to lock down your server so that it only accepts connections from Cloudflare, but that is still no guarantee that an attacker wont be able to saturate your connection.


So I figured it is a ping flood attack.
Is there a way to just change few firewall settings or computer settings to stop this?
Im currently searching online about ICPM thing

My server is windows 2012 r2 standard.


ICMP should be all right as (assuming they go via Cloudflare) that will never reach your machine. Of course, if they go straight for your IP address you will have to block this on your machine or the network. I would suggest you check out StackExchange, as that place would be more appropriate for that question.

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