Cloudflare protection for your domain is in a pending state while we verify ownership

Hello, While logged into my account dashboard (hosting provider), I deleted the domain, not realizing that I was deleting it from my Cloudflare account too. My Cloudflare account is connected to my DashNex account. Ever since then, I have not been able to get the domain to work. Cloudflare is telling me to log in to my registrar and change the nameservers to Cloudflare name servers. Cloudflare is the registrar for the domain.
the domain is crtotalexperience dot com
I have contacted Cloudflare because they are the registrar for the domain, but their email replies continue to tell me to reach out to the community. So here I am.
I registered a new domain for a friend in Costa Rica, then set it up in Cloudflare and DashNex. Then I wanted to transfer the DashNex license for that domain to my friend’s DashNex account. That is why I ended up deleting the account from both DashNex and Cloudflare because I was trying to transfer it to her account. I don’t understand how Cloudflare is not able to tell that they are in fact the registrar for that domain.
Thanks for any help

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Do you have access to the original account where you purchased the domain name? I see a lot of attempts to add the domain and namerserver pairs assigned to those attempts. But, the namersevers that are showing up are not reflected in that rather extensive list of attempts to add. I think the most expedient route would be to add the website back to the account where you purchased the domain name.

The team will need to work with you on your ticket, can you share a ticket number here?

I see ticket 2947330 and have added a link to this conversation, I will flag it for my Registrar colleagues. Sorry for the issues.

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Thanks for your reply. I accidentally deleted the domain from my tampgollc account then I added it to the account again, but it is stuck in the pending status. The domain(pending) is still in the account that I used to register it.

Thank. I see the issue, that’s really helpful. My Registrar colleagues can assist on the ticket to force the nameservers to the two in the account.

At the moment with Cloudflare Registrar we cannot transfer domains between accounts. To move this domain name to a colleague, once the nameservers are set properly and assuming other ICANN transfer qualification are met, you’d need to move it to a third party registrar and then from there to a different cloudlfare account.


Hi @tampgollc,

I will respond back on the ticket as there is nothing which can be done via community.

Please keep an eye out for the update on ticket #2947330.

Thank you.



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