Cloudflare problem urgents please

I have a problem
i have with centos 6
because i have paid +20 euro pro
i have open port 443
what is the problem? with fexible work and full not work?

Your server doesn’t have a valid certificate for the domain.

And how to fix it?
I have bought it from my domain? i have SSL?
because can you help me?

can contact me in this number
viber or whattsap
i wil pay you

To fix it you need to properly configure HTTPS on your server. Probably the easiest/quickest way to do this would be to use Cloudflare’s origin certificate feature. In particular steps #1 and #2.

In the meantime, you could try changing your HTTPS settings in your Cloudflare dashboard to Flexible but note that this is not a fix, it is insecure and may cause you unexpected problems. But this may help get you running immediately while you figure out the certificate and HTTPS server issues. Cloudflare has an article covering SSL options that covers these settings.

Again, if at all possible, do not stay on Flexible as there will be unexpected issues in many sites due to the inherently insecure functionality of this feature.

contact me {redacted}
viber or whattsap
to help me
i will pay you

contact me in viber or whattsap or tell me how to fix
iam paying
20$ please help me

Anyone here?

viber or whattsap
who can help me iam paying extra.

Keep in mind that this is a public forum, not a channel to support, so don’t post information you don’t want visible to the world.

I don’t personally offer consulting services at this time. I would probably look around locally if possible.

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