Cloudflare problem installing in Bluehost

Hello, I am new to Cloudflare! I have a website that is hosted by Bluehost! I am trying to install Cloudflare in Bluehost but for some reason, there is a problem that appears when I click in Cloudflare.

The website that I need help with is: here
And the image of the problem! cloudflareproblem|690x357

Could anyone explain to me what can I do to install Cloudflare on my website successfully?
Thank you a lot!

If you’re activating Cloudflare through Bluehost and run into problems, you need to contact Bluehost support.

You can also activate Cloudflare directly, which generally works better.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! I do it like you say directly through Cloudflare :smiley:
Have a good day!

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