Cloudflare pro version with APO issu

Hi, I’m a new subscriber to Cloudflare Pro. I subscribed because you mentioned that it would improve my website by 300%. I would have liked to attach screenshots here, but it seems it’s not possible. Previously, I was only using the Rocket plugin. According to the GTmetrix report, I had a Grade A, 100% performance, 100% structure, the Largest Contentful Paint at a maximum of 721ms, Total Blocking Time at 7ms, Cumulative Layout Shift at 0, and Speed Visualization was 0.7s.

However, after subscribing to Cloudflare Pro and reactivating APO (Automatic Platform Optimization), my website’s performance worsened significantly. It’s even worse than having no optimization plugin at all. Here are the updated scores: Grade E, performance dropped to 47%, structure is now at 76%, the Largest Contentful Paint increased to a maximum of 4.2 seconds (SECONDS!), Total Blocking Time at 198ms, Cumulative Layout Shift remains at 0, and Speed Visualization now takes a whopping 7.9 seconds (SECONDS!) before the page fully loads. The performance is severely impacted, and on the front end, you can feel how slow the website has become.

Cloudflare Free version upcourse no APO, just Rocket plugin

Cloudflare Pro and APO activated

Hi @jay3rrr,

Would you be able to test this on as well and compare the results as well as try out the recommendations?

Also have you tested with the Cloudflare built in Optimisation test under ‘Speed’?

There is definitely something happening, just need more information for troubleshooting.

Please test and see where improvements or changes could be made.

Thank you.

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Hello. I suspect there may be issues with my website. I will try to figure it out soon. thank you

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