Cloudflare Pro plan services are not working on the website

I am subscribed to Cloudflare Pro services. But I think that most of the services that I have activated are not working.
Why and are there ways to prepare it.
And what are the most important rules that must be written to improve the site

Any support

You are asking a lot of questions in the same topic. You will probably have better results if you limit yourself to one issue per topic. Your questions are also quite vague. Specific requests with a narrow scope will have a better chance of receiving a response.

You have also followed up your own post with a reply that adds no new information. You made that only a few hours after your original post. It is a weekend. While the Community is often faster to respond, it is a message board, not a live chat. Most of us here are just other Cloudflare users like you.

Your screenshot shows you have more Page Rules than the free plan provides. That suggests to me that your Pro plan is active. If you have some specific questions consider limiting then to one issue per topic and be sure to review the following suggestions for adding better questions.


I think everything is clear
. Yes, I am using the Cloudflare Pro plan
But even after activating the features. But you don’t feel better
How can I benefit from the rules
The features that are activated and not working are as follows
1- Image Resizing
2- Polish
3- Brotli
4- Early Hints

Does Cloudflare provide support?

Yes. This Community and the documentation I linked above are part of that support. It is also possible to submit a support request from your dashboard with the Pro plan. It may take several days to receive a response toa support ticket on that plan, which is why it is often more effective to ask specific questions here.

You may wish to create four topics, one for each feature you listed, and then provide detail as to exactly how the feature is not working.

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Most of what you turned on, you’re not going to notice without digging into the Response Headers. Some of it requires extra work from your end.

Image Resizing needs a special URL.

Your Page Rules are unnecessary, because everything that would end up in wp-content/upload is cached by default.

Clicking Help in each of those sections should tell more about what you’re asking.

And, most importantly, as already mentioned:

Include With Every Post

  1. The name of the domain about which you’re posting, your interest; visitor, owner, vendor, etc.
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