Cloudflare Pro instead of Free drastically decreased the Google Pagespeed Scores?

Hi, I first started using Cloudflare ARGO and this increased my Google Pagespeed score from 51 to 75. I tested this on different moments during 2 days and it was always around this number.

But since yesterday I upgraded from the Free account to the Cloudflare Pro account, but after this the score went down again drastically between 25 and 56.

Have I done something wrong? What is the best way to debug something like this?
I turned on extra features like image resizing, polish (lossless), Auto minifi, Brotli, Early hints, Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress, Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization, TCP Turbo, Mirage, Rocket Loader, Automatic Signed Exchanges. I thought the more optimisations I turn on, the better. But maybe I’m mistaken?

Those two :point_up: are beta features.
I wouldn’t enable them at first step as far as there are topics about few issues as well.


Ok, thank you for your advice. I’ll turn them off for now, purge caches, wait a while en check it again.
Thank you.

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