[Cloudflare Pro] Custom Page doesnt work even with ::ALWAYS_ONLINE_NO_COPY_BOX:: on the HTML page

Added the ::ALWAYS_ONLINE_NO_COPY_BOX:: token into the HTML-File but still doesnt let me Add the Error Page.

It shows me the following Error:
A ::ALWAYS_ONLINE_NO_COPY_BOX:: token was not detected on the error page, and must be added before this page can be integrated into CloudFlare.
The default error page will show until this is corrected and rescanned. (Code: 1205)

As you can see the Token i already on the Custom Error Page.
So whats wrong?

Can you:

A. Use a more useful subject line.

B. Share the url that you are providing to Cloudflare with the error page. The Github link is 404.



Can you share the URL that you are serving the error page to Cloudflare from?

Used the same link, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kobayashi90/errorpage/master/errorpage.html

Can you try serve that file through your normal web hosting, or perhaps Github Pages?

There are a few things in there that might cause Cloudflare to not correctly parse the file. I have not done any testing using a similar file, so these are my best guesses.

There is a very restrictive CSP policy, and you are loading external resources in the page. If CF honour the CSP, they will have errors loading these resources.

Also the file is served with text/plain, and I expect should be served with text/html.

Tried it on the Origin Server but i get this Error:
Your custom page must be larger than 100 characters (Code: 1203)

At least you are getting a different error message!

With some hacking around I can get your page past the error.

All resources will be inlined (the error page will not make requests for external content, images are base64 encoded and embedded etc.) The total page with all assets inline needs to be under 1.5Mb in size. Inlining makes images bigger by about 50%. I removed the custom fonts, made changes to get the page to validate without errors, and removed some of the social images, and it eventually worked.

Perhaps start with a more basic error page, and add in the elements until you see exactly what elements cause the parser to fail. The error messages I got eventually became more useful (like telling me the page was too big)

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Okay, so you tried it out, but it didnt workout.
Uh, well then ive paid cash just to see that a simple error page doesnt work.
Damn, thanks for the try.

No, not gonna build another Error Page, because its simple enough.

It does work, you just need to make changes.

Start with step one in troubleshooting by getting the page to validate without errors

Then inline the Google Font. This tool can help.

(At this stage you are told the page is too big)

Remove some unneeded assets, or make them smaller. I removed Font-Awesome, your choices will be different.

Redone the Page: https://www.sittingonclouds.net/502.html
Did what you said, but it says still this Error:
Your custom page must be larger than 100 characters (Code: 1203)

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