Cloudflare Pro (charged not for a month, although the subscription was purchased for this period)

Good day. I purchased a subscription for my domain for a period of one month. When paying, I was charged $11 instead of $20 and the subscription is active not until April 2, but until March 18 (although I bought for a month). The resumption of the plan will be on March 18 and the amount will most likely be $20. Why then did I pay $11 instead of $20 and didn’t get the full term?

Hi @Dayfing sorry for the #general:billing confusion. It sounds like there may have been a credit balance that reduced the amount you were charged, but I can look into it if you can share the name of the domain in question? Is this charge in the account you are using here?

Hello. Domain (

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I phoned a friend and asked them to investigate this.

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Thanks, I’ll wait for an answer. In parallel with this question on the forum, I wrote a support ticket. In general, I will wait for an answer and of course I hope that I will not have to pay another $20 on March 18 and my subscription will be active until April 2 inclusive (if I need to pay $9, I will do it).

It could be that this was a prorated charge applied to your account’s billing date. To provide you with details, since it is a billing related issue, can you please open a ticket with us and let me know here the ticket so I can reply to it. Thank you.

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Hello. If you mean a request for technical support regarding invoicing, then I have already opened it and here is its number: #2723395. If this is it, then I will wait for an answer, thanks.

Thank you @Dayfing & @gloria I have added myself to 2723395 and the team will continue the conversation there.

Thanks, I’ll be waiting for an answer.

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Thank you for submitting the ticket, I have replied.


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