Cloudflare Pro accessability below 0%

Yesterday night I decided to try Cloudflare Pro plan… why not…
After pay my business site was fully down for Russia (russian-oriented project) :+1:

One of the Pro feature — more quick support response, but my support ticket was opened more 24 hours ago and don’t have updates :+1:

The first reply from a ticket you create follows a template (or at least that’s the case from my experience) whether if you provide detailed information or not.

I’m considering upgrading to the business plan just to see if the support response is worth the cost.

According to my experience, often first comes an automatic response with already known solutions. If these do not help, you should answer so that a human is added. Even in the free plan I always had quite fast answers. If you have already done this you can just post the ticket ID. Maybe @cloonan can then look at why you didnt get an answer yet.

I have seen a lot of post lately that Cloudflare sites or services in Russia are not working properly. Unfortunately, the responsible people in Russia don’t seem to care that a block of a whole IP or a whole IP range does not only block the affected site but many services at once when a big provider like Cloudflare is behind it.

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