Cloudflare Private Relay

As several recent events showed that you can’t really trust major VPN providers with your data (breaches, ridiculous policies, data tracking, etc.), I was wondering if Cloudflare provides any product (through a third party ofc) which are similar to a VPN other than Apple’s iCloud Private Relay.

Cloudflare offers their own Cloudflare Warp product (with the Zero Trust offering on top of that), but of course it’s not through any third party and is missing a bunch of the security implications of having a dual-hop architecture like Apple’s iCloud Private Relay

Hey, thanks for the quick response!
Does Cloudflare Warp mask your IP? If so, is it static or up to the user’s decision?

Not fully, no. Websites on Cloudflare can see it, others normally ignore it, but it’s not intentionally hidden.

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