Cloudflare preventing my Client website & not showing (White Screen) in another Country

Hi, I’m very new on Cloud-Flare & I did connect my client website for optimize speed.

But the problem start occurring & the website not showing/appearing properly , while my client trying to go for it. The Website working fine on my Country.
I checked all the setting & configuration & recently added the Country in White List, which will take 48 Hrs. to take Implement. Even I don’t know , whether that setting will work or not !
I’m now heading-up what to do & how to solve this as I have no any Idea
Can anyone plz. have any advice ?
Looking for help so badly !

Thanks in advance/Zamil

Do you use Auto Minify or Rocket Loader?
If yes, play around with them. Sometimes they can break things.

Currently your page ist not proxied and and shows a certificate warning.

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