Cloudflare Preventing Creation of Database Entries


I am using Cloudflare Free plan, with everything at the default settings. All parts of site are proxied by CF (by default), SSL Encryption is set to “Full”, Caching level is set to “Standard”, TTL 4 hours — basically, everything is default CF free account.

I’m using a plugin on my site that allows users to report others, whereby they can leave a message regarding the reason for the reporting. This feature then stores that report as an entry in the appropriate database table.

I’m finding that when Cloudflare is enabled on the site, reported messages are not being stored as entries in the database table. However, when I “Pause Cloudflare on site”, the reported messages do get entered into the database properly.

It doesn’t even seem that CF is caching the page this is occurring on (as when CF is enabled, the page response header shows: cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC), so I’m having trouble figuring out what is going on.

As I said, I’ve created no security rules (except allowing my server’s IP (which I did after this error anyway)).

I unproxied my domain in DNS section, but that didn’t change anything. I was going to try and disable some of the new “Managed Rules”, but noticed they can’t be accessed (or viewed) from the free plan.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can stop CF from preventing this database entries without having to disable it entirely, which obviously defeats the purpose of using it.

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