Cloudflare preventing Adsense Ad rotation and not allowing auto ads


My website is
Ever since I started using Cloudflare the number of clicks on my Adsense Ads has decreased by 70%. It’s been 2 weeks and there are no changes. I enabled minifying JS, HTML, and CSS. I think my ads are being cached. Because they are not rotating, and I’ve experienced a couple of times that my page loads with only an ad. See attachments. Is it possible that Cloudflare is caching my ads together with their positions from the HTML code?

Video of an ad not rotating.

Auto ads in Adsense are displaying on the preview. But not on the actual quiz pages. They use to show, but now they don’t anymore. This is an example of a quiz page. The ads that are showing are existing ads that I’ve inserted.

Thank you for your time.

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