CloudFlare PoP Selection & Argo Routing

Hi All,

We are on the Pro plan, and most of our traffic (>90%) comes from Middle East, whereas our web server is located in France.

When I run the cdn-cgi/trace test for my website from UAE, I am routed either to LHR, HKG or NRT! I am aware that traffic is routed to “nearest” PoP in terms of network cost, and not necessarily nearest PoP physically, and that the path is decided by the ISP, but running the same test for I am routed to DXB (Dubai) PoP, so there is definitely more to this. Will upgrading to the Business plan or using Argo make any difference?


Hi @dressam.alkhalaf,

Have a read of Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?

And you can also use this test from @judge to see where sites are routed based on plan.

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