Cloudflare POP Maintenance >9 hours, normal?

Cloudflare’s Singapore POP have been under maintenance since 2:15am LT in the morning, up to this point, 12pm LT in the bright afternoon.

Is it normal for maintenance to take this long, especially it’s Asia’s major hub? Sadly not every ISPs in neighboring countries peer with Cloudflare locally, they just take upstream routes that are available to them, which usually is Singapore.

Since the maintenance, routing from neighboring countries (also Singapore itself) have messed up, some going to Hong Kong, Tokyo, even LAX. Even enterprise domains are routed to LAX :see_no_evil:

Yes, generally speaking, it’s OK. Website is accessible, working fine, etc. But slow TTFB, slow response time, slow speeds, you know… making the UX bad for users.

It may be this:

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