Cloudflare POP location in Brazil

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Does Cloudflare has POP locations in Brazil or anywhere near it ?

Cloudflare has several locations in Brazil.

They are spread all over from e.g. the North (such as e.g. Belém, Fortaleza and Manaus), towards the South (such as e.g. Caçador, Porto Alegre and Timbó).

Note that even though Cloudflare has multiple locations in (or near), it doesn’t guarantee you that you will be sent to any of these specific locations:

Your ISP may for various reasons decide to take all the traffic elsewhere, for example to Miami, Florida, United States, and pass it over to Cloudflare there, which means that you would go to Miami rather than e.g. any of the above mentioned locations.

One classic example could be that it would be cheaper for your ISP to establish an interconnection between their network and Cloudflare in e.g. Miami, than it would be in any of the Brazilian (or other South American) locations.

You can see a list of locations on the Cloudflare Status site.

Alternatively, if you prefer to see a map, you can try

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Hi, thanks for the info
Any idea for those on free plan, will it affect the way Cloudflare route the traffic ?

The above is most often completely outside of Cloudflare’s control, as it is defined by way your own ISP decide to connect together with other networks (and especially Cloudflare) that controls that part.

If your ISP doesn’t want to create interconnections (e.g. peerings) with Cloudflare within Brazil, your own ISP may take you to even different continents, depending on what alternative routes there may (eventually) be available in order to reach Cloudflare.

What is the closest network distance isn’t always the same as closest physical distance.

If Cloudflare have to take some actions, for example related to specific datacenters, in order to keep everything operational, the Free plan would be the first one to be attempted to be routed away, until there eventually no longer are any Free members attempt to route away, then it would move on to Pro, and so forth.

Cloudflare can do a little bit in regards to Traffic Engineering, but all such Traffic Engineering would be quite limited depending on the above interconnection / peering arrangements with ISP’s, and what the individual ISP’s out there will honour.

There are some more extensive reading about Cloudflare’s own attempt(s) to steer traffic around (when necessary), on this Blog entry:

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