Cloudflare POP Indonesia with free plan

i can see that cloudflare free version does not support POP indonesia - Jakarta.
does it true? if yes then is it required to upgrade PRO version ?

some web point to cloudflare does not work when access to singapore bloked even we have already public peer with cloudflare directly in our local peering.

Hmmm…just went through this with an Australian user. Give this a look: (heh, it’s still in my clipboard)

yes we have tried …
the website detect as using LAX cloudflare datacenter meanwhile the host server located in Indonesia.
yes they use free plan…
i have read this as well Explanation · judge2020/cloudflare-connectivity-test Wiki · GitHub
lets look at “network prioritization”
the more we pay the package… the more likely to be closest … so PRO or Business that suit my needs?

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