Cloudflare politics about child sexual abuse reports

Hello, dear community.
Recently i’ve reported several url’s containing child sexual abuse content. Received response from “Trust & Safety” with ID, abuse mailbox for the site hosting provider and etc.
I’ve sent abuse to that mailbox too, but no feedback. And all content still accessible.

And now im wondering…how long would cloudflare wait for that hosting to react before denial of service ? Or if hosting provider will just ignore them nothing happens?

Btw, hosting provider abuse url is [email protected] and all that info i found in google about this company tells me that they wont react on any abuse.

You can report that at and if you already received a response your next step would be to contact the host. The responsible team will take action whenever necessary and will follow the policies in this context. Of course you can also contact the local authorities. The community can’t do anything here.