Cloudflare points to server IP instead of domain


I’m experiencing some problems with newly created domains on Cloudflare.

It seems that the DNS is sometimes pointing to the IP of the A-record, instead of to the domain.
This way the domain loads a Plesk error / login screen, instead of the website.

This behavoir seems to be disappearing after a few days.

Thanks for your help!

So…it’s fixed? Newly added domains take up to 48 hours for DNS to settle down.

Hi, thank you for your answer.

It seems to be fixed after a few days.

But today I’m experiencing many problems with a newly created domain (
Every x reloads it points to the server IP (Plesk) instead of to the domainname itself.
Making it impossible to work on this website / domain.

There’s no solution to this?

I am unable to reproduce this. Cloudflare’sproxy is currently disabled and your domain points to your origin server. Did you set the DNS records to :grey:?

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