Cloudflare Plus from SiteGround Performance

I purchased and activated Cloudflare Plus through the Siteground cpanel. I was previously using Sucuri WAF, and load speeds on GT Metrix were between .5 and .8 seconds. I’ve noticed speeds for the homepage are now are around 1.4 seconds, and individual posts with half as many requests are about 2.3 seconds. In order to activate the Cloudflare Plus through Siteground I had to point the A record which was previously pointed to Sucuri back to Siteground. So I’m wondering if there is any way I can speed things up. I have read, unfortunately too late that is is best to set up through the Clouflare dashboard, and point the name servers to Cloudflare. Is there a way I can work around this, obviously keeping in mind I have already purchased Cloudflare Plus through Siteground ??

Best regards, and thanks, Darren

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