CloudFlare Plugin

Do we must have to use CF Plugin; when we already register through the web. Increasing plugins might slow down the speeding process right. So can i go only with web without the CF plugin at WP?


Thank you for asking.

In short, yes, you can go without installing and having the official Cloudflare for WordPress plugin while using Cloudflare for your domain / WordPress Website.

I am using this kind of a setup for bunch of WordPress websites I manage.

I don’t have the official Cloudflare plugin installed, I found it a bit odd because most things I like to change and have control directly by using the Cloudflare dashboard and not via WordPress admin :wink:

It’s cool, it’s recommended, but totally an individual choice.

True, however I’d say that would be related to different multiple things to consider like web hosting provider, web server, bandwidth througoutput, speed, PHP and web server optimization, caching of WordPress, number of installed and used plugins, data in the WP database, etc.

Thank u for the honest reply, appreciate the thought.

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