Cloudflare Plugin Wordpress vs Native Dns Name

I’m using CDN Plugin for a wordpress and It’s very buggy. Is changing the name servers and going native going to bring any change?

WP Fastest Cache

What CDN are you using? Cloudflare? and did you clear the cache of index and try to rebuild (preload) the index after making changes? What do you mean by buggy? Could you provide your website’s link?

I disabled all the plugins but:

What was happening was because It was cached. When you click each page as they were different ex. You go to the privacy section. It would reload the entire page from scratch. This created very slow experience.

I did try everything you said.

I could easily access your website and it loads normally and the speed of loading is not bad too. I have measured it using GTmetrix and it got A grade. (Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix). It completely looks normal to me. What seems to be the problem now?

That domain is not on Cloudflare. Any performance issues should be clarified in more appropriate forums, such as StackExchange or Reddit I am afraid.


You don’t need to use the cdn plugin with WPFC. If you are using Cloudflare as a CDN, simply connect WPFC with Cloudflare via the WPFC CDN settings tab.

So far I’ve been using WPFC (free) + Cloudflare without any problems.

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