Cloudflare plugin supports latest version of PHP?

Hey guys,

I need to update my site’s PHP to a newer version, so I would like to know what PHP version the Cloudflare plugin supports.
Wordpress is recommending a minimum version of 7.4. Does the Cloudflare plugin support this version?


I’m using the plugin with PHP 8 now, but it was working on 7.4 just fine.


sdayman, with PHP 8 the Cloudflare plugin presented problems for you?

I can understand your concerns about PHP 8 is not supported, since it was not officially tested against it:

  1. Cloudflare-WordPress/phpcs.xml at master · cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress · GitHub
  2. Cloudflare-WordPress/Dockerfile.wordpress at master · cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress · GitHub

but if @sdayman uses it with PHP 8 and does not encounter any issues, it should be safe to say that at least no big problems should occur.

Also: the official plugin states “PHP 7.2 or higher” (LINK) it should also support PHP 8.


Thanks for the reply @M4rt1n, I will test and check if I don’t find any problems.

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