Cloudflare plugin problems


After I actived the cloudflare plugins and choose “Apply Cloudflare recommended settings to ensure optimal site performance.” ,then my woocommerce were broken.
The “customer setting page” in woocommerce always on loading situation.
And even I closed cloudflare plugin, it still can’t solve this problem.
Is there any way to solve this problem?


There is a screenshot of my problem.

Was the site working before you activated that plugin?

I know it’s tedious, but if you check Audit Log at the top of, you should be able to find the old settings and change them back.

Also, check your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 on Chrome) and look at Console for any errors.

How long were you using Cloudflare for that site before you added that plugin?

Yes, before I activated that plugin everything was normal.
My website is just starting to build.
But today I start setting cloudflare plugin, then there was the problem.
I don’t know whether these plugins conflict with each other.
But it’s weird only the “customer setting” page on woocommerce has this problem.


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