Cloudflare Plugin for WordPress



For those already using Cloudflare, how useful is the Cloudflare Plugin for WordPress? Kindly provide Pros/Cons (including effect on website response times).


Last time I used it, it linked to your Cloudflare account and was a 1-button ‘optimize settings’ feature. There might have been a few other features, not sure. Pretty sure it just adjusts Cloudflare settings for best Wordpress performance.

Edit: also, if you’re using ssl you may encounter redirect loop that this plugin fixes, last I recall.


Pretty much sums it up. I use it on all my WP sites, with no issues.


For me, it’s important. But I can’t say that it is something like must-have.

Pro: Enable server push, purge cache from Dashboard, might be helpful in restoring original IP.

Cons: Limited hooks for ‘Automatic Purge’ is insufficient for reliable experience with Cache Everything rule. I think this plugin need significant improvements to turn out as a great cache manager for every CF+WP user.



Great plugin, indeed, but would also like to add:

Cons: (1) Affects website loading time and, (2) Does not mirror all key functions or settings found in the Cloudflare website.

Based on the above, we cannot justify using it.



Never noticed any load time issues, not even slightly. As for mirroring all key functions/settings of the CloudFlare control panel, no thanks, putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea :slight_smile:


The loading time is arguable since each website is different. And in this instance, why not put all of your eggs in one basket? We’re not talking about a 401K plan. Expanding the plugin would keep the user (free plan for starters) from having to go back and forth between their plugin and Cloudflare’s website. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they entertain and deploy an upgrade in the near future.


How is a 401k plan even remotely similar to my website security concerns? WordPress is a content management system, not a server management control panel. Loading time is measurable btw. You record the page load time before and after the plugin is enabled, then calculate the differences in speeds (if any, which there never is with my tests).


Do you know someway to automatic purge cache on wordpress site or disable cloudflare every day at specific time range? For example, disable cloudflare between 10pm and 11pm, because that is the time when my client is uploading posts (it’s a local newspaper) and several times the posts are not appearing on homepage or single post page until the cache purge an hour later or something.



This plugin might do the trick: