Cloudflare Plugin - Convenience vs. Requirement


Hello. Is there any lost functionality by not having this plugin installed?



Realistically, the only reasonable purpose that I know is that it automatically purges cache whenever you make changes to your site. If you can automate that or take care of it manually, there is no other factor forcing you to use this plugin.


Appreciate the reply. Server Push was the main thing that I was unsure of.


As far as I know, You can probably configure it manually.


Will look around for some manual settings.


Regarding the cache: By default, Cloudflare doesn’t cache page code; just static assets. That auto-purge feature says it’s just for appearance changes, which would include some of those static assets. Those will rarely change on your site, and only when you deliberately make changes to your theme.

Server push is nice, but is not now natively supported by WordPress. In the past, I’ve manually added headers to push assets, but it really didn’t do much (if anything overall) for my site’s performance. Here’s something I’ve tried, but didn’t get much effective use from:


Got it. So, for now, I’ll just roll on, without the plugin, and do any management within the dashboard. Thanks!