Cloudflare Plugin Causing Technical Error

Hi Guys,

I got a msg from WordPress that they detect a fatal technical error caused by Cloudflare plugin. I don’t know what to do so I deactivated the plugin until someone can tell me what to do? Help!

WordPress version: 5.8.1

CloudFlare version: 4.7.0

I have the same versions as you and I’m not getting that error message. I can only suggest you delete and then reinstall it.

I deleted it and will reinstall it but how to know the problem fixed?

the error caught on the wp-admin login, That’s what I got in the mail, don’t how to fix this… I don’t really need this plugin?

I sent you the link where the error was first caught. That’s all I got in the mail.

I’m not familiar with that URL. Is that a Stats plugin?

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