Cloudflare Plugin, APO and WP-Rocket


I am currently using Cloudflare APO (plugin installed) and WP-Rocket.

May I know if Cloudflare also clears its cache when I clear the WP-Rocket cache?

Thank you.

From this article:

By default, it’s not necessary to press this button every time you clear WP Rocket’s cache.

It will clear the Cloudflare cache, and it mostly needed for troubleshooting, in case you’ve made changes to your files without changing their filenames, or when you think Cloudflare is serving outdated files for whatever reason.

If you have enabled Cache Everything, the Cloudflare cache will be purged automatically at the same time as the WP Rocket cache.

Unless you have Cache Everything page rule enabled, purging WP Rocket cache will not purge Cloudflare cache together.

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Thank you Sir!

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