Cloudflare Pluggins

am trying to install Cloudflare plugin to my wordpress site , using the API am successfully logged in and updated my plugins. but its not showing that padlock ,if i trying to change my nameserver(profreehost to cloudflare) it is showing error so i can’t able to access my word press so many times am removed the wordpress and reinstalled due to this problem some one guide me to resolve i

What’s the domain?

That domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but it is not proxied by Cloudflare via the :orange: setting in DNS.

Once you do proxy it through Cloudflare, you’re not going to have much luck with HTTPS because it doesn’t have a functioning SSL/TLS certificate on the server for that domain.

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thanks Sdayman ,am obtained ssl certificates from fressl site but its in a zip format,how can i use it ?

You’ll have to check with your host on how to install it. You’ll probably have to unzip it because there should be two parts. Here are Cloudflare’s Origin Cert instructions:

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