Cloudflare, please enable Full DNS support on Plesk!


The Plesk Servershield Plus Cloudflare plugin is fantastic, but what was my surprise to find that only CNAME integration is supported at the moment:

When I asked the Plesk forum about this, the answer was that all the necessary integration from Plesk is ready, and Cloudflare needs to release the necessary tools to enable Full DNS support.

I also sent an email to Cloudflare and got the following response:
"I’m afraid we do not have any news on when this will be available at this time, I will pass this feedback onto our partners team in the meantime.
I will go ahead and close this request, however if you have any more questions, simply reply to this email and we will be happy to help. "

I really do not understand why this option is not available for Plesk, since that option already exists for cPanel. It really is a very useful feature that I, Plesk user, do not want to give up. Please give me more information about this and a realistic timeframe for when this functionality is likely to be released.


Yes, please add the option for Plesk hosters to select either full DNS or CNAME integration as part of the Plesk ServerShield extension. Thx!