CloudFlare plan to serve images from AWS S3

Hello everyone, I wanted to try Cloudflare to serve static images from Amazon S3. These images are never going to change. So was planning to set the Cache-Control header to a very high value to make use of browser caching. With aws the number of requests per day that we see is 7-8 million. That is really taking more bandwidth and adding up to the cost.

That’s why wanted to try Cloudflare. Which plan should I take?

Hi there! I do this for one of my photoblogs, setting the cache control header very high in the S3 bucket and running that subdomain through Cloudflare. Though I don’t get nearly as much traffic as you! There is also AWS ‘Cloudfront’ (not to be confused with Cloudflare :orange:) if you are looking at caching… I tried to get them both working in tandem once but failed miserably I think - should try again at some point.

Anyway, you can always start with the free plan to see how it benefits you and upgrade from within the dashboard if/when you need more advanced features.

Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. I am already using AWS cloudfront to serve those images from s3. But AWS charges for bandwidth usage. And for those many requests I am consuming around 500GB per day. That is costing us too much. (75 euros per day almost). I read somewhere that Cloudflare does not charge for bandwidth and wanted to try that out.