Cloudflare + Pfsense + ACME + Let’s Encrypt

Hi I’m trying to renew my cert but I get the error in the picture…I’m on the lates package upgrade on pfsense for ACME… can anybody help?

Anything useful in the logs? i use a similar configuration here and nothing has obviously broken, but I can go double check if I can still renew in case anything changed.

Does the Cloudflare audit log show any activity?


Sorry I’m pretty new to all this, so I don’t know where to find more information… I only know that I was able to obtain the cert, then I did nothing either on pfsense or cloudflare side and the renewal or a new cert doesn’t work anymore… I’m here hoping for a kind person that can help me because the cert does expires in a few days…

I had to go in cloudflare to my API token section (the one that was used for the ACME package in pfsense) and re-generate a new API token. I then placed the new one in the ACME package and issued a new cert and everything stared working again. Hope this can help someone else.

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