Cloudflare permanently Disable issue

Hi, I want to delete Cloudflare permanently. Although I delete my website from Cloudflare. I want to ask
that’s sufficient or not. I enabled Cloudflare by singing up the Cloudflare account, not by cpanel. Is disabling Cloudflare harmful for htaccess file or for the site in any sense? Is there any other process to disable Cloudflare permanently?

If you want to take your site off Cloudflare, you need to change your nameservers away so they don’t point to :logo:, if you want to completely delete your account, you will need to login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

What is the process of changing the nameserver? And there is no email id so that I can directly communicate with Cloudflare. This is also the Cloudflare support team. Where should I go for more or further help? How do I know that my nameservers are still pointing to Cloudflare nameservers?

Should I click the get more help button in support?

What is the domain? I will check the nameservers.

Yes, the get more help button will allow you to open a support ticket.

No, that domain is not pointing to Cloudflare, it is pointing to Bluehost so your domain is not on :logo:

I f I want to delete Cloudflare permanently , should I go get more help button?

Yes, if you want to delete your account, click ‘Get more help’ and you can open a support ticket.

Ok I want to ask one more thing, I want to delete Cloudflare because I am unable to solve the issue ,
The record is pointing to the origin Ip address. I know this error but can not solve. According to the information I should update the Dns record, but I could not . Can you tell the solution of this?

Is this not the same as this thread?

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The first error was MX record mail to reach something like error, I created the MX record and emails were working but the error I got The record is pointing to origin IP address which I was unable to solve. How should I update MX or DNS record?

Yes I spent lot of time but I could not find solution.

Is is exactly what @sandro said in your other thread that I linked to

Ok thanks

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