Cloudflare performance after switch back to non-www

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I’m wondering if my CF for is set up correctly. I recently switched on CF through Siteground, which required a switch to www. Then I found out that I could connect through CF directly and switched back to non-www after 7 days. SG says all is fine from their end. Though, it seems like my temporary speed gains after the initial switch to CF went away after that second change.

I’m still able to have full caching enabled through SG Optimizer and there’s the sg_worker installed in CF. Wondering if I better disable that and set up a page rule for full caching instead?



How are you confirming this?

Well, SG Optimizer still gives me the “Cloudflare Full Page Caching” option, which I’ve enabled. And I can see the sg_worker/route/trigger, which is also enabled. SG confirmed there’s activity albeit through the www version. What I can’t confirm is whether this actually works as intended.

Edit: I should probably mention that my speed concerns relate mostly to mobile and CWV.

Hope that makes sense.

There won’t be much activity since www redirects to non-www. So I don’t think any of their settings apply to non-www.

As it’s WooCommerce, you’d have to use APO instead:

WooCommerce? I’m not using WooCommerce. :slight_smile:

Sounds like full page caching doesn’t work for my non-www site then and I should disable it and set up a page rule?

Sorry, I saw the Shop link, but didn’t check it out.

How are you generating your HTML? From what I see, it’s all a static site with no logins or built in comment system.

If it truly is a static site (no database), then a Page Rule with a Cache Level of Everything & Edge Cache TTL would work.

That’s right, no worries. It’s a WordPress site, no databases or logins. I’d set up the page rule then and deactivate the worker.

Sorry to push you on this, are you able to confirm that at this point, my site isn’t truly fully cached? The fact that SG requires www but now it’s supposed to work anyway through SG Optimizer confused me a bit.

I definitely wasn’t digging deep enough. Yes, I now see it’s WordPress.

It looks like you’re using WP Super Cache, which I don’t recall seeing before. It’s caching your pages now.

Perfect, good to know. I switched the SG feature off and made the change with the plugin. Thanks a lot!

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