Cloudflare Peering Portal didn't work as expected

I’ve wanted to see my ASN on Cloudflare Peering Portal, but the dashboard itself said “Your account () has no affiliated ASNs. Please register with PeeringDB and make sure you are affiliated with an ASN.”

In the past, there is no problem like that. And there is some of my colleagues that having the same problem.

I’m really hoping that Cloudflare team that maintain the peering portal can check what happen.

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I’ve also got the same problem.
It worked nicely before but now can’t find any assigned ASN for my organization even though on peeringdb it’s assigned and visible.

Would be great if someone could have a look at this sometime.

Thank you very much and all the best

I also have the same problem.
greetings and thanks

I’m opening the peering portal again this day.

Looks like it’s already fixed.

Thanks Cloudflare team!

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