Cloudflare payment caused my website ranking

Hi there,

Our website review pages have been penalized because i guess the invoice never had a auto payment method. i am not sure if the cloudflare service was down and it caused the ranking of my website went down.

Kindly someone advise me

What’s the address of the site in question? It’s impossible to advice you without knowing the domain in question.


If you do not pay your Cloudflare bill you may get downgraded to the free plan, however that has nothing to do with your search ranking. This is Cloudflare unrelated.

What could be the reason for that is your seemingly invalid SSL certificate on your server.

Your server IP address is █.█.█.113, right?


i don’t see this security threat issue on my side with my website.

I suggest you pause Cloudflare and first fix your server issue. Once your site loads fine on HTTPS, it will also work on Cloudflare.


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