Cloudflare passthough not working with possibly ipv6

Hey guys, having issue seeing Cloudflare ipv6 addresses in my logs associated with various attacks. At first I thought maybe its workers being used for attacks, but now wondering if its my setup.

I’ve only seen ipv6 Cloudflare ranges sometimes in the logs, never ipv4, so ipv4 possibly working fine…wondering if its because I don’t have ipv6 turned on in my digital ocean droplet? I am able to also see non Cloudflare ipv6 logs, so was at first ruling that out but maybe that was wrong.

Using ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS with server pilot and i can see all the ipv6 rangers are properly there.

Could my ipv6 not being set up in the control panel be causing this passthrough issue? Thanks for any definitive answers you might have. Turning on ipv6 has some work associated with it, so just checking in her before i commit to turning it on.

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