CloudFlare Partner

We just received this email from CloudFlare:

“We are making an emergency change today that will affect your ability to sign up customers via the Cloudflare Host API. Specifically, the ‘zone_set’ operation for creating partial zones will be disabled today, November 19, 2021. Going forward, the ‘full_zone_set’ operation must be used which requires customers to set NS records before traffic will flow to Cloudflare.”

But we didn’t receive any additional information. All of our cPanel servers stopped working because this change. Now it’s forcing the domain owners to set their DNS to cloudflare. Creating a CNAME is not an option right now.

Will this method be enabled again, or will be discontinued henceforth?

What will happen with domains configured as CNAME (zone_set)? will those keep working?


Please see here for a discussion regarding your questions: