Cloudflare partner is selling railgun - do I have to buy Cloudflare from them

I am in the process of moving my website to A2hosting because of the speed they offer. They also sell Cloudflare’s Railgun service with some $10 monthly fee. I have been Cloudflare customer with the Pro website $20 for a long time, and I am very happy with that. Do I have to cancel my Cloudflare account and open a new one through A2hosting to get the Railgun activated? Thanks for taking a look at my question.

You’ll have to ask A2H exactly what they are doing with Railgun and Cloudflare. Railgun is only available in CF’s Business plan - certainly more than $10/month. I’m as confused as you.

Optimised hosting partners ( Our Partnerships ) can host Railgun and make it available for you to enable on any plan level. They can make their Railgun available for use by you without you needing to switch to their Cloudflare reseller plan, but that is something you would have to ask them whether they would do.

If your host is also a reseller of Cloudflare, they can offer a reseller plan which they bill you for that includes a selection of Cloudflare features. The exact features very depending on the host, they can select from a range of features and decide the pricing.

The best thing for you to do here is ask A2Hosting exactly what the $10 includes - I believe this will be a subset of the Pro plan’s features - and you can then decide which is best for your needs. You would not need to pay both $20 to Cloudflare and $10 to your host - you would either be using the Cloudflare Pro plan or A2Hosting’s plan.

Either way, we’re happy to have you using Cloudflare!

Hi, it seems I have been able to connect my Cloudflare account and my A2Hosting account, and I can see the A2Hosting Railgun settings in my Cloudflare Dashboard Speed page on Cloudflare, but they are gray. On the A2Hosting cpanel I have two choices to activate the A2Hosting’s reseller account on Cloudflare to enable the Railgun.

When I do this in the A2Hosting cpanel, I will get errors into the cpanel interface (from Cloudflare) either way I choose:

  1. Full provisioning: ERROR Zone ‘’ already exists and is verified.
  2. CNAME provisioning: ERROR Cloudflare is already activated for “” under a different account. If you want to enable Cloudflare through this partner, please log in to your Cloudflare account and choose “Disconnect” on your Cloudflare DNS Settings page.

=>I don’t want to Disconnect my DNS from my Pro Plan account, because then I think I will loose the DNS, Argo, and other important services. Even though I would choose Disconnect, would the Cloudflare system be able to take a handover? I would need to put the DNS to a third party?

From the A2Hosting support ticket reply they say they are unable to do anything and say this must be activated from their cpanel. This makes me think that this account activation is not in their control but rather in the control of Cloudflare.

Can anyone give me some ideas what I should do here, please?

As you already have a plan configured directly with Cloudflare, you will not be able to sign up via A2Hosting’s cPanel onto their reseller plan - you would need to either continue using Cloudflare directly on the Pro plan or switch to their plan.

Optionally, A2Hosting can make the Railgun available for enablement for any mutual customers (not just those using their reseller plan) by associating their railgun with your origin IP (or IP range) - this is something to ask them whether they will do for you. If they do that and you still have an issue, you or A2Hosting should contact Support so they can unravel that for you.

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