Cloudflare + PageSpeed Insights for Mobile

We recently relaunched our website and have been working on optimizing things from a good perspective. So far so good. With some fiddling we hit an amazing 96 on PageSpeed Insights for desktop.

However, on Mobile we’re stuck at 5. The report is blaming Cloudflare and Intercom as two of the main culprits.

We thought we had everything set and optimized correctly so does anybody have any insight into what we’ve done wrong for mobile here because it’s crazy to have that degree of difference.

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Ok, thanks for those - doesn’t quite help with figuring this out though. We’re getting dinged quite badly by the Google Ads algorithm for crappy page experience and it’s been driving us nuts - so would I be right in thinking the page experience might not be too bad, but Google think it is, so we have to essentially con Google into thinking all is good?

The biggest issue I see outside of the large amount of JS your site loads is Intercom. You can with some custom JS write the intercom widget to load after x amount of seconds.


      // Intercom
      window.intercomSettings = {
        app_id: "app_id_here"
     var w = window;
    var ic = w.Intercom;
    if (typeof ic === "function") {
        ic('update', w.intercomSettings);
    } else {
        var d = document;
        var i = function() {
        i.q = [];
        i.c = function(args) {
        w.Intercom = i;
        var l = function() {
            var s = d.createElement('script');
            s.type = 'text/javascript';
            s.async = true;
            s.src = '';
            var x = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
            x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x);

}, 5000);

But you’re loading 400KB+ of JS and that’s the bigger issue. You’re using addons for elementor which as far as plugins go from my experience. You’re also using Avada and Avada has its own known performance issues especially on mobile page speed insights. This is because it loads nearly all of it’s JS on every page (regardless of elements being turned on or off in the fusion builder). However, version 7 will bring performance improvements with trimming the large amount of CSS and 7.x is going to be a performance-oriented release.

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Thanks, I’d already pinged Intercom asking about this and I’d see the page hold suggestion so I’ll try that.

Yeah, Avada… looks like it solves problems and creates others. Not sure what to do there except rewrite the theme and that’s a bit of a nightmare so we’ll keep an eye out for 7.

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