Cloudflare Pages Zero Downtime Migration

Hello! If my DNS is not hosted on Cloudflare, how does one move their application to Cloudflare Pages without incurring downtime?

There is no “TXT” verification record that I can find, either in the Pages UI or the pages add_domain api response (, or any option to upload a custom SSL cert beforehand. Not having a zero downtime migration is kinda disappointing, as this is something Netlify and Vercel both offer out of the box (eg:

Is there something I’m missing in the Cloudflare Documentation, or is this just not a supported feature at this time? If it is not supported, is this something at least on the roadmap? I see that other Cloudflare products support this, so it doesn’t really seem like an unfair request.

Can’t you just swap out the CNAME and add it as a custom domain in Cloudflare Pages at the same time?

You have to set the CNAME in your DNS provider, then verify in Cloudflare, then Cloudflare needs a moment to generate the SSL cert. I can’t ask every team at my company to just have 30 seconds of down-time in the middle of the day, and it would be highly preferable to not keep people up at midnight to switch DNS.