Cloudflare Pages - not working

Hello, given these two examples of Cloudflare Pages

www. SUBDOMAIN is routing to:

https:// SUBDOMAIN is routing to the actual site

As you know we can’t control CNAME because we do have a control,

I think this is a default behavior for Cloudflare Pages.
As a user what should I do to make the site work with both mentioned examples?

Correct, we do not make www work on the You could do that for your custom domain by adding

The follows the format of {deployment/branch}.{project}

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Thank you for the fast response,

So to initiate the redirection, should I use the “Bulk Redirect” feature?

Do you have any preferences regarding the configuration settings such as the Status (301, 302, 307, 308) and the parameters that should be set?

I tested it and it’s working but I do not know exactly the side effects…


Yep Bulk Redirects is the recommended way.

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