Cloudflare pages www or non-www?

Hello there,

Is there a Cloudflare pages recommendation for www or non-www websites? This alert has appeared in my account,
Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 2.45.45 PM

and I assume Cloudflare wants me to use www. Is this accurate?


Which is the best option when hosting on Cloudflare Pages?
  • www
  • non-www

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This is a notice rather than an alert/error. Using a CNAME on an apex ( is not allowed per spec but we allow it. It’s mainly there so you know it may not work at other providers.

Most people do use Pages without www and I’d also recommend it, much more common these days.

Don’t worry about it and just use what you prefer :slight_smile:

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thanks @WalshyMVP

but does Cloudflare have a recommendation on this to which works better when i have the dns and pages hosting on Cloudflare?



They both work the same. Neither one is better than the other. Also, as an employee on the Pages team, I can safely say both are fine :slight_smile:


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