Cloudflare Pages Wrangler Proxy for Local Dev - 404 Error

I have a Single-Page App (SPA) on Pages with a hello function. I’ve got it working on Cloudflare servers. the ‘/’ route works great. ‘/api/hello’ my function works great and also ‘/about’ which is resolved by my SPA router works fine.

However, when I proxy the tooling to run it locally using “npx wrangler pages dev – npm start” and try ‘/about’ I get a 404 error. Is this a bug in Wrangler? It seems it does not recognize this is an SPA and is either trying to find a function or a page. Any settings I’m missing?

Exact Error:
404 File Not Found
Url: /about
File: /Users/…/…/…/www/about

(using … to obfuscate exact directory names)