Cloudflare Pages with custom (sub)domain: 522 Error

Hello everyone,

I successfully set up Cloudflare Pages via a private GitHub repo. I’m having troubles setting up a custom domain, even though I religiously followed the prescription detailed in the docs. I added a custom subdomain for a domain fully managed by Cloudflare from the section Pages: Cloudflare creates automatically a DNS entry under the main domain: with proxy on (orange cloud). However, I’m stuck in a perpetual 522 error and under Pages I get the dreadful grey dot Inactive (Error).

I even made sure that my domain had a full/strict SSL/TLS encryption mode, as someone here mentioned any other value to be a potential source of problems.

Can anyone help? Do I just have to wait 48 hours and everything will eventually sort out? So far +12 hours have passed. Does this mean that if I want to move my main website to Pages I have to take into account a +48 hours offline period? Really? I see many other similar issues raised here (some very old), but no solution available. Is Cloudflare Pages still a beta product? I read so many enthusiastic reviews about it and I never expected such issues :frowning:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Is it loading fine now ?

& Which document you have followed and from where

What’s the domain ?

No, still stuck on error 522.
I followed the official instructions here:

May I ask did you linked it in the Custom Domains section or you’ve done it manually?
It should be done through the Custom Domains setting.
If you done it there, what is the status of it?

May I ask have you added a CNAME record for your sub-domain and pointed it to :thinking:

Does the URL work?

May I ask you to either temporary Pause or switch the sub-domain record to :grey: (DNS-only) for next 6-12 hours, just in case (if the SSL certificate wasn’t generated properly).

Without know the domain name and DNSSEC status, I could only guess, but …

I believe my colleague @Walshy could possibly know what might be the cause of it and add few valuable notes or provide some feedback information about this here as far as he is more experienced than me with Cloudflare Pages.



Sorry you’re having issues! We will be improving the messaging here in the future so it isn’t so ambiguous.

There are a few reasons why this can happen. The main one is us not being able to validate the domain (caused by a redirect or Worker or Access blocking our validation). Sometimes it also just takes a little bit.

If you can provide the custom domain you’re trying to link along with your I can take a look and see exactly what is going wrong.

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Thanks, Walshy. I still can’t believe Mr. Cloudflare Pages came to the rescue. Is there any way I can send the details of the domain and page privately? In my messages section it says I should look for an envelope icon to write privately to a user, but I can’t seem to find any. Sorry about that.

I can add that there is no Worker or Access implemented for the domains I tried to set up. DNSSEC is off for the first domain I tried, and on for another I also attempted to setup a custom domain. And of course the works smoothly, alas with no custom domain so far.

Thanks in advance @Walshy and @fritex for your much appreciated help. I will try to proceed as @fritex suggested in the meantime.

I was informed that the reason why I can’t activate a custom domain is that my zone has been banned. I’m puzzled. I checked all emails sent from Cloudflare since I joined in 2013 and found none informing me of having been banned. I got in touch with the abuse department. I sincerely hope they will solve the issue. I personally think Cloudflare should be more transparent about such errors which shouldn’t be silent as they complicate things for users and Cloudflare support, too.

10 days after my email to abusereply I still haven’t received an answer. I can’t use Cloudflare Pages for some sort of ban about which I was never notified. Sad. I had to move the page to Netlify whose service is impeccable.

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