Cloudflare pages with custom cloudflare registrar domain

Hey guys,
I need your help.


  1. Domain transferred to Cloudflare Registrar.
  2. Deployed a page with Cloudflare Pages.
  3. Added my domain as custom domain in CF Pages.
  4. Getting an error 522 while trying to go through my domain.

The long version with screenshots:
I’ve been using Cloudflare SSL for my websites for a long time, but all my data and domains were with Namecheap. Now I’ve decided to transfer everything to Cloudflare.

I’ve transferred all my domains to Cloudflare Registrar yesterday and decided to try CF Pages as it looks really promising for me. So I’ve created a basic HTML page project and deployed it.

Then tried connecting my custom domain to my deployed page and here where I got stuck. First I received 524 error timeout. I played with some settings and disabled Railgun as per this forum post. Now I’m getting error 522. It seems something is wrong with my DNS records or some other configuration that was set by me for my Namecheap hosting that now breaking it with CF Pages. Maybe page rules or the SSL certificate?

My DNS page:

Page Rules:

My Custom domain page in CF Pages:

On troubleshooting support page, one of the resolutions is The origin IP address in your Cloudflare DNS app does not match the IP address currently provisioned to your origin web server by your hosting provider. But I don’t know what IP address for my CF Pages is?

I’m thinking of removing my website from Cloudflare entirely with all DNS and page rules and SSL and everything and starting from scratch. But I’m not sure if it’s the right solution, or if it will even fix it.

Please help.

What’s the domain?

I wasn’t sure if it’s ok to post my domain, so blanked it :laughing:

it’s is not added to Pages, this is why it’s 522ing. You will need to add it in the Pages dashboard just like you did for

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Oh wow, that was simper than I expected. Thank you so much!

Is there some additional DNS records I should add?

I get this message on my DNS page:

But I’m not quite sure how to approach this, as CF Pages doesn’t have email client, only forwarder?

Yeah that can be ignored, it’s just a general suggestion

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