Cloudflare Pages, Webpack suddenly stopped working?

Hi! I’m using Cloudflare Pages and Webpack for my website however I’ve recently run into an issue.

Webpack suddenly disappeared without me even touching package.json or any of the build related things.

So now all my builds fail because of:
sh: 1: webpack: not found

Any suggestions on what to do? Any more information needed?

Still looking for assistance with this.

You might get a quick reply from the devs at:

It was no help whatsoever, got no replies there either.

@Walshy also hangs out there and might know.

Hey, sorry about that. You posted at midnight BST, most of the mods over there (including myself) were already in bed or asleep.

Albert has already responded to your message and I’ll keep up to date on the conversation. If you don’t receive a reply after a little bit feel free to tag me.

Thanks @sdayman for tagging me here