Cloudflare Pages url redirect

I have uploaded application to cloudflare pages but it is redirecting and removed .html from url. How can I setup to use .html with url
Cloudflare redirecting to
How can we avoid this?

That’s just how Pages serves assets

If an HTML file is found with a matching path to the current route requested, Pages will serve it. Pages will also redirect HTML pages to their extension-less counterparts: for instance, /contact.html will be redirected to /contact, and /about/index.html will be redirected to /about/.
Serving Pages · Cloudflare Pages docs

The Pages team has talked about having options to customize various routing behaviors at some point but still doesn’t exist as far as I know. The easiest way to get around it is appending another .html to the end of it, ex what-is-a-seo-business.html.html. Alternatively it’s cleaner to not have them and easier to remember.