Cloudflare Pages Updates - 2022-06-10


We pushed two really nice updates this week which I think you all will very much enjoy! :slight_smile:

Branch Alias in PR comment :memo:
Up first, we finally added the branch alias into the GitHub PR comment. This is something which was on the todo list for a long time. This means you will see your static URL for that branch included alongside the deployment specific URL. This is often used for reviewing and generally just preferred.

Here is an example:
Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 20.13.57

Direct Uploads getting faster :zap:
We’re now only uploading files which have actually changed, so you should notice a significant speed up in deployment times.

Give it a try with npx wrangler pages publish <dir>!

Let us know if you have any feedback!

Screenshot 2022-06-11 at 09.58.01
(my network is slow, it’d be even quicker for you :stuck_out_tongue: )


Awesome updates! Thanks @Walshy and the Pages team! :orange_heart:


Sad to see that _redirects and _headers files are still not supported for Direct Upload after this update. Really hope someone on the team will be willing to pick them up and fix them.

I thought people could only upload up to 1,000 files when publishing Pages via Direct Uploads? But your screenshot shows that you already have 1,326 files uploaded. How did you do it? @Walshy

This was a temporary limitation.

2.0.7 and beyond can upload 20,000 files with the particular ‘only changed’ upload shown in Walshy’s post available in the beta build at the moment.


Yes, I just tested it and it’s great. Thanks to the Pages team! :heart:


These files should get uploaded and parsed correctly, could you make a thread or join the Discord so we can give you support :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! And I have described the problem in detail here: [Bug] Direct Uploads failed to parse _redirects and _headers files.